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KMG Architects

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Neo Logistics Ways

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أوم هو تطبيق لطلب الخدمات المنزلية، والخدمات الأخرى؛ حيث إنه يقوم بالربط بين مستخدمي التطبيق وبين جميع مقدمي الخدمة في مدينتك، وذلك للحصول على خدمات نوعية وعاجلة تلامس احتياجاتك اليومية، سواء كان في منزلك أو منشأتك أو مكان عملك

12/12/2015 | Intersection -


Intersection is a full-service architectural and interior design firm providing a vast array of services, ranging from the design of large-scale, high-rise condominium and hospitality projects to intimate, small-scale low-rise residential and commercial structures.

El Njjar

خدمة فريدة تقوم شركه النجار للاستثمار العقاري بتقديمها الى عملائها الكرام من مالكي العقارات ووسطاء في مجال العقار والتي تتيح لهم حرية الاختيار من وسائل التسويق المختلفة

Biotech Informatics

Ayad Group

مجموعه شركات اولاد عياد


The General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) (The Arab Insurance Home) is an Arab International Organization working as a main Organization subsidize the Arab Insurance Industry to achieve development & integration by following the policies and the means identified in its Article of Association to satisfy the members interest


شركه مصريه مساهمه انشئت سنه 1993 وحاصله علي شهاده الايزو 9001 وهي عضو فعال في كل من شعبه النقل البحري المصري


The Great visionary leaders and heads of states of twenty-nine countries from Africa & Asia came together for the first time in the history of the human being, on the 18th to 24th April 1955, in Bandung, Indonesia.


تعمل الشركة فى مجال ابادة الحشرات منذ اكثر من 15 عاما , وبتصريح من وزارة الصحة المصرية رقم ٤٨٥

California University

Among The Universities Of America, California University Offers A Unique Blend Of Courses, In Fields Ranging From Fine Arts And Literature, To Languages, Human And Social Sciences And Sports Science. Our University Is Firmly Rooted In Milford And Is A Vibrant Driving Force, Both At The Regional Level And Nationally, Thanks To The Variety Of Courses On Offer,

CTS Egypt

CTS Egypt JV Hadeed ALKhaleej was established at 2008 in UAE and Egypt to become the world's leading supplier of Steel Structure Building, life safety solutions, Floating Roof, Glass Fused to steel Bolted Tanks and to be the sole distributor Steel Tanks business


More than 15 Years ago, we started our business in the Egyptian market. Since then, the Industry flourished in a remarkable and fast way, we have decided to rely on..

I Build

إحدى الشركات الرائده في مجال البناء والتنميه العقاريه في التجمع الخامس فمنذ ان تأسست الشركه في عام 1998


تعمل الشركة فى مجال الاستثمار العقاري منذ اكثر من 12 سنة

Samaha Dental Care

Samaha Dental Care , Dr. Sameh Samir


We chose 10Fci to tell you we are working with Real legal Services and Making Real Cash.

Elmahmoud Travel

ELMAHMOUD TRAVEL, member of the Egyptian Chamber of Tourism, was founded in (1995) under license (999) according to the law of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.


International Web Network for Travel Agents Might not be number one in Egypt tourism support, but it's the best supporter for tourist agencies

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